Every year we sponsor a pick your own apples event at the North Benton location. This event takes place on the weekends, usually from the second weekend of September to the second weekend in October. The general idea is to bring you and your family to our store, where you sign in and we supply you with containers for picking. We then direct you to the apples, you can drive your car to the location if you wish, or walk. We encourage customers to take their time and enjoy the activity and the sights of the country. When you are done simply drive back to the store following the defined route, or walk. Payment is made in the store and the apples are sold on a per-bag basis. Over the years, this event has become quite popular, on a nice day customers will start to line up in anticipation before the sun rises.

Pick your own pumpkins are now available every day during the month of October at the North Benton location.

Here is the 2008 pick-your-own schedule

A picture of some apples
We offer the following varieties to be picked such as
Red Delicious
Golden Delicious
A picture of some apples