As the Holiday Season approaches we offer a variety of high quality and affordable fruit baskets in our Ravenna store. These fruit baskets generally become available the beginning of December, and are continued until Christmas. All of our baskets contain no "filler" and have fruit all the way to the bottom. We use our finest homegrown apples along with an assortment of pears, citrus, grapes, candies, nuts and other delectables. No order is needed, just stop in and pick one up, but we request that you call a week ahead for large orders. Prices range from $8.50 to $46.00.

Fruit Baskets

Picnic Tray $8.50
Perfect for one person.
Small Bunt $10.00
A nice small gift.
"Betty" Basket $12.00
Our "best" seller.
Half Peck Tub $14.00
Great for two people.
Jam Tray $17.50
Four 9.5 oz. jars of Cooper's Mill jam or jelly.
Pancake and Syrup $19.00
Three Fowlers Mixes and one Cooper's Mill Syrup.
Peck Tub $23.00
Alot of fruit at a reasonable price.
Sparkling Juice Basket $28.50
Lots of goodies to go with the juice.
Half Bushel Tub $46.00
Great for a family.