2008 Pick-your-own Apple Schedule

Stahl's Orchard Location:
10780 North Johnson Road
North Benton, OH 44449

Saturday Sept. 6th
Sunday Sept 7th
Saturday Sept. 13th
Sunday Sept 14th
Courtland and Jonathan
Saturday Sept. 20th
Sunday Sept 21th
Jonathan and Red Delicious
Saturday Sept. 27th
Sunday Sept 28th
Golden Delicious and Mutsu
Saturday Oct. 4th
Sunday Oct 5th
Melrose and IdaReds
Saturday Oct. 11th
Sunday Oct 12th
Fuji and Pickers Choice

Cost: $8.50 per half-bushel bag. Bags provided.
Picking hours are from 9:00am to 4:30pm

Pick your own pumpkins available every day during the month of October